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Updated 29th June 2009


This is an ECU from a 1999 16V Baleno, the processor is carries a Denso D18151 number, this appears to be a Denso part number researching this device reveals it to be a Motorola 68HC16. This processor has FLASH ROM and can be reprogrammed. Whilst there is no programming port on the ECU underneath that are pads for a 'bed of nails' tester/programmer, these pads allow the Background Debug Mode (BDM) port to be accessed. I have had a brief attempt at connecting to the port but there seems to be a timing problem or a watchdog timer running. I am confident that this can be circumvented. This ECU will be fitted in my SJ413K with the Baleno engine. The ECU has been modified to add an industry standard 10-pin BDM connector.

65G60 PCB

BDM Port

BDM wiring

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