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1998 Alto

Updated 13th April 2010


This is an ECU for a 1998 Suzuki Alto, I picked this one up because it was cheap and because the sticker on the ECU indicated that it was an EPROM ECU and as such would be easy to read. The ECU is based on the MH6211 processor as used in a number of other DSM ECUs but differs from others in that it has an EPROM and a port expander but it doesn't have the ASIC that other DSM ECUs usually have.
I have read the memory and had a cursory scan through its contents, the fuel map and ignition map look straightforward albeit unusually peaky. This ECU is for a Maruti built SH410-2 with the four cylinder 1 litre engine.

Circuit Board

ECU Mapping


EH35 binary (.bin)

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