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1999 Jimny G13BB Japanese

Updated 28th June 2010


This is an ECU for a 1999 Suzuki Jimny with the G13BB engine, this ECU is from a Japanese built vehicle and is quite different from that used in Spanish built vehicles of the same age. The ECU is very similar to the Baleno ECUs but with the PCB layout amended to suit a different connector pinout. This ECU has the 68HC916 processor but does not have the test pads for the BDM interface. To pull the code an adapter was fashioned from a piece of stripboard and wires soldered to the processor pins and other convenient points.
This ECU can be reprogrammed using the diagnostic link if a small modification is made to add a switch. I am currently working on the protocol for this.

Software that can read and write this ECU using the BDM interface has been developed by Psyche who hangs out on the Suzuki motorcycle forums :-) I will be publishing a TunerPro definition soon.

Circuit Board

BDM hack


81A11 binary (.bin)

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