v1.2 released - 3rd January 2019


Rhinoview is a powerful piece of PC software for the RhinoPower SDL interface. Rhinoview offers the following features:
Direct USB Connection
- Direct USB offers a robust Plug and Play connection to the RhinoPower SDL Interface
- A virtual dashboard displaying live data
- A tabulated display of data, two pages of data show all available parameters
- Displays both current and stored codes
- Displays ECU status flags such as idle switch, EGR On/Off, Closed/Open Loop etc..
- Allows up to four parameters to be graphically displayed and saved to a text file for later viewing with Excel a similar programme

What can the ECU report?

This depends on the ECU, all the Suzuki ECUs with a serial data link have a fairly comprehensive diagnostics capability. Here is a list of some of the features that can be accessed:

Fault Codes
ECU ID Number
engine speed
target idle speed
vehicle speed
coolant temperature
intake temperature
EGR temperature throttle opening
fuel injection time
ignition timing
iac flow
isc adjust monitor
short term fuel trims
long term fuel trims
applied fuel trims battery voltage
filling efficiency
canister purge valve opening
O2 sensor readings
O2 sensor monitor
egr valve (open)
fuel pump (on)
stop lamp (off)
power steering sw (off)
a/c sw (off)
idle sw (on)
O2 sensor activity B1
electric load (on)
vehicle speed: ATM out
gear position (1)
select lever pos (ATM)
shift solenoid N1 on
shift solenoid N2 off
lockup solenoid off
shift solenoid N1 monitor on
shift solenoid N2 monitor off
lockup solenoid monitor off
o/d off sw off
mode select sw - normal
4wd-L sw off

Can I control the ECU?

Suzuki OBD1 ECUs have a number of controls that can make diagnostics much more straightforward.

ECU reset allows all fault codes and stored data to be reset without needing to disconnect the battery or removing any fuses, no need to recode your radio! RPM Control can be used to test the Idle Speed Controller, EGR On/Off can be used to test the EGR. Fixed Spark Advance and IAC calibration mode are available for making adjustments to the ECU settings.

Can I log data?

A four channel datalogger is implemented with a graphical display. Log files are stored as csv files, this is a text format which can be opened and manipulated with many different software packages including Notepad, Word and Excel.

Where can I get the software?

The latest version (v1.3 - 29th March 2021) is available here -

Download Rhinoview

RhinoView requires the FTDI DT2XX USB driver which is available here:

FTDI Website

Please use the RhinoPower Forum for bug reports and feature requests.

Is my ECU supported?

Rhinoview can support all Suzuki ECUs with the SDL interface, if your ECU is not currently defined within Rhinoview you will need to contact RhinoPower with the ECU ID number as reported by RV. A modified configuration will usually take no more than a week to create - this depends on workload.