ECU Repairs

RhinoPower Ltd has a great deal of experience in repairing Suzuki engine management system and we can also repair transmission control units and immobilisers. Extensive experience of reverse engineering the early ECUs means that we know what all the custom chips do and we either have sources for replacement parts or we have developed alternatives. All ECUs are tested on our custom made test rig to ensure full functionality before being sent back. In addition to our own SDL interface and Rhinopwer software we have invested in the tools that the main dealers use - a Tech 1 tool, two Tech 1A tools, a Tech2 and an SDT as well as generic OBD2 tools.

Over the years we have also learned how to restore immobiliser units with corrupted memory back into working units and we have the tools to match ECUs to immobilisers and immobilisers to keys.

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