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I am now mainly employed designing ECUs for a major OEM and I am not easily contactable by phone. My preferred method of contact is by email, this is also the quickest method of contacting me, however I can also be contacted through the forum, by telephone (answer machine usually) and for the very old fashioned by mail. Please note that Gmail and Google email addresses are blocked by my works server and hence responses to emails from those domains is usually slower.

When sending ECUS for repair you must contact me first and please include your contact details with the ECU. If sending from abroad please ensure that packages are clearly marked 'ECU for repair' or similar and declared with a low value. This avoids the possibility of import duty being levied.

Address RhinoPower Ltd
Westside Cottage
The Common
SN15 5DX
Tel: +44 (0)1666 510868 - Answerphone